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WelleCo’s Isabella York reveals 3 questions you ask her in-store, and the answers.

Q. How do I take THE SUPER ELIXIR?

Take two teaspoons daily mixed with water, coconut water or added to your favourite smoothie. I recommend taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (and no caffeine an hour either side). I love taking my greens blended with water, a splash of coconut water and baby spinach.

Q. What is more popular – NOURISHING PROTEIN Chocolate or Vanilla? 

A: Tough question! It’s a personal choice so best to pop in and try both. My favourite is the Chocolate NOURISHING PROTEIN blended with frozen banana, cacao nibs, almond milk and coconut flakes. 
Q. What is the difference between the SUPER KIDS Nourishing Protein and the Adult NOURISHING PROTEIN?

A: Our adults Nourishing Protein has metabolism boosters to keep you feeling fuller for longer and can be taken as a snack or meal replacement. The kid’s protein powder is recommended as a healthy snack alternative rather than a meal replacement, and has been formulated specifically with kids in mind (8-15 year olds). It contains less protein and more carbohydrates per serve. We have added natural sugars so it tastes slightly sweeter (for fussy taste buds), and is bursting with sneaky vegetables like carrot, beetroot and broccoli. They love it! 

Q. I have recently started taking THE SUPER ELIXIR. How long will it take for me to see a difference? 

A: We recommend taking our SUPER ELIXIR consistently for at least 2 weeks before you start to feel and see a difference. Everyone is different. Some people notice after just a few days that they feel more energised, their skin is clearer, and their tummy is less bloated. Others don’t feel a difference until they stop taking it. Regardless, the key to success is consistency – and that means committing to taking THE SUPER ELIXIR as part of your wellness routine everyday. 
Q. Can I mix the Nourishing Protein and THE SUPER ELIXIR together in one smoothie?

A. Absolutely! In fact, it is a great on-the-go option when you are super-busy.

Q. Will I look like Elle Macpherson if I take THE SUPER ELIXIR?

A: We can’t promise you her long limbs but we can tell you that her lustrous hair, flat tummy and glowing skin are achievable. THE SUPER ELIXIR balances the acidity in your skin with the alkalinity in your blood, and when this is achieved, the result is great glow. An alkaline body also reduces free radicals and inflammation, whilst ingredients like aloe vera, horsetail and pomegranate helps slow down the aging process, build collagen and restore youthful radiance.