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Looking for staying power, a loved-up liver and skin like silk? We have you covered morning, noon and night.

We believe your daily supplements should only contain clean, effective and high-quality ingredients that actually support your health and elevate your daily beauty routine. We are all about less is more, which is why our elixirs are super-effective and easy-to-tote and take, which means you can keep your health and beauty priorities in good order, even when you are on-the-hop.

For 24/7 travel beauty benefits, make this your daily health and beauty ritual.



This is the first step of your daily skin regime. We only use clean, high performing and premium ingredients your body can actually use, so the The Super Elixir Greens  contains face-grade ingredients like silica-rich Horsetail extract, Pomegranate and Acai that help support healthy skin and give good glow. The SUPER ELIXIR not only delivers goodness into the cell, but accelerates junk out of it, so your body can deal with toxins better, which means dewy youthful looking skin. Add 2 teaspoons to water, shake and glow.

Detoxifying Liver Tonic SUPER BOOSTER

Your liver is your body’s hardest working organ. Give yours a little love so it can work overtime cleansing and detoxing your body. Add 1 sachet of our Detox SUPER BOOSTER to water and stir or shake until dissolved. Premium medicinal herbs and adaptogens Schisandra, Milk Thistle, Dandelion and Curcumin work synergistically to help the liver to detoxify, cleanse and stamp out all those naughty free radicals partying in your body. 



Need energy fast? Add 1 scoop of NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN to water or plant-based milk in a hydrator bottle, shake and sip. Our protein is powered by premium brown rice and pea protein that provides all 9 essential amino acids, that help increase endurance and energy levels. Which means it fills you up and keeps you dancing longer (you can thank us later).

Women’s Libido + Hormone Support SUPER BOOSTER

A big night ahead needs a little prepping. Our Libido SUPER BOOSTER is created using high-quality ingredients like Maca and Black Cohosh that promotes energy, vigorous libido and healthy sexual function. For a shot of these high-performing nutrients, just add one vial to water, shake and GO.


Need to prep for another night out?Take an extra 2 teaspoons of The Super Elixir Greens before you go out to give your body all the nourishment it needs, and so it can mop up toxins the night ahead might throw its way. 


One hour before bed, steep 1 - 2 Sleep Welle teabags in hot water to help induce some serious shut-eye, then reap the benefits of deep, high quality sleep. Containing a formulation of herbs including Skullcap, Hops and Valerian, this is your on-the-go natural alternative to medicinal sleep remedies. Prepare to reset, replenish and rejuvenate. Tomorrow’s another big one….