Elle’s Top Wellness Tips for Mind, Body and Spirit

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WelleCo founder, Elle Macpherson on how to be your own well-within goddess.

To celebrate Elle Macpherson’s 59th birthday, and the release of the Elle Macpherson x Atelier Romy Goddess Necklace, the WelleCo founder is sharing her favourite wellness bio-tweaks that have helped cultivate her inner goddess.

1. Seek nature

I’m usually up with the sun. I’ll then get outside and put my feet on the earth to ground. I love being outside and connecting to nature. I choose activities where I am outside, close to nature as much as possible — hiking, biking, swimming or simply sitting in the fresh air and sunshine.

Growing up, I learnt a lot about our natural world. Not only did it set the scene of my childhood, but it ignited in me a lifelong devotion to natural methods. For me, the sun and the sea are medicine. But we can learn from everything nature has to offer, which is why I have endless books on the subject and surround myself with like minds who also believe in the power of nature. I like to think that WelleCo, with all our knowledge of ingredients, synergies and formulas, is like a modern showcase of nature’s perfect intelligence.

2. Routines rule

Each morning, I like to take two capsules of The Skin Elixir and The Hair Elixir with water while taking The Super Elixir™️ greens powder. I leave the jars next to my toothbrush to remind me – I've found pairing routines helps maintain continuity.

My evening beauty routine is, of course, a wellness routine too. It consists of an infrared sauna followed by a cold plunge in my plunge bath. It’s great for detox, immune boost, lymph support and relaxation. I follow that with my nightly ritual of a cup of Sleep Welle Calming Tea which helps the mind, emotions and body to rest, recover and rejuvenate. Usually, I’ll write a gratitude list just before I sleep.

3.    Serious self care

When it comes to body treatments, a favourite of mine is the Cleopatra Bath for the ultimate hit of nutrients. All it takes is milk, honey, olive oil and flower petals for a smoothing royal treat. Given the skin is the body’s largest organ, this bath is a calming, express way of absorbing nutrients.

I also love dry body brushing and try to do it at least three times a week to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, clear my system of any toxins and it exfoliates your body for smooth, soft skin. Following this, I like to apply a body cream or oil.

4.    Move out of your comfort zone

I like to go for a cold plunge after my workout followed by a matcha in the sunshine before getting ready for my day. I’ve just discovered the Russian Banyas, an ancient tradition of steam sauna, which I like to alternate with a cold plunge. It’s a great way to stimulate the lymph system, detox, unwind and a fun alternative as a date to connect with friends –– check it out.  

5.    Connect to Self

Breath, meditation and inner connection is extremely important to me. I like to keep it simple. I’ve found breath practice helps amplify the benefits of all the other daily practises I do. And it’s free and profoundly effective! My daily meditation practice includes 25 minutes in the morning –– either guided or in silence. I aim to be in the natural flow of life as much as possible.

6.    Look within

I believe the best facialis what you put inside your body.If I've got a bigshoot or an event coming up and my skin needs a boost, I start juicing four times per day using my friend Dr Sara Siso’s protocol, with lots ofturmeric, ginger, garlic, green leafy vegetables, cucumber, and The Super Elixir™.

I’ll also incorporate The Collagen Elixir to support my skin’s hydration and elasticity. Zoning in on your microbiome is the way to heal from within. I know now to be extremely careful with what I put into my body, treating it from within with quality whole foods so my skin and hair can naturally look their best.

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