Elevate Your Daily Protein

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Dr Simone Laubscher PhD explains why not all proteins are the same, and why working a plant-based option into your daily diet can see your health soar.

“Modern living and an unbalanced diet means we often supplement protein intake with energy sources like caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates or saturated fats. Instead I would recommend a plant-based protein supplement.

Unlike fat, protein is not stored and must be consumed regularly for optimal body function, we have to eat it!  It’s recommended that 10-20% of our daily intake should come from protein. Protein forms the building blocks of the human body; it is in every part of us and the second largest component after water. The benefit goes beyond muscles; it is essential for tissue repair and growth, supports a healthy metabolism and promotes feeling full for longer. Without it, our metabolism become sluggish; we lack energy, give into our cravings and reach for the wrong foods.

Many protein powders are made from whey, which is a by-product of dairy production and contains lactose. Lactose is very hard to digest and is the sugar component of milk (which is why many whey protein powders can leave you feeling bloated and full of gas).

Plant protein sources such as sprouted brown rice and pea, which are used in WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEINhave far superior utilisation and uptake into the cells and muscles than whey because plant proteins generally absorb better and more easily than any product derived from dairy foods. Additionally, dairy is acid forming and contains lactose which is harder for humans to digest, making a plant-based option more alkalising to the body.”

WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN is made with a combination of organic pea and brown rice protein to provide all 9 essential amino acids. It is free from heavily processed whey protein, synthetics and artificial sweeteners. Complete with digestive enzymes to boost metabolism and pre and pro biotics for a healthy gut.”