Almond Joy Smoothie

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We are mad for this ALMOND JOY SMOOTHIE. It’s the perfect healthy hit when all we can do is think about chocolate.


1 scoop NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN Peruvian Chocolate

½ cup reduced fat canned coconut milk (be sure to include its thick cream)

½ cup plant-based milk

4 pitted very soft medjool dates

2 heaped tablespoons almond butter

¼ cup toasted coconut chips

¼ cup crushed ice (optional)



1 scoop NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN Peruvian Chocolate

1-2 tablespoons melted virgin coconut oil

Toasted almonds and coconut flakes, finely ground


In a small bowl (a little bigger than the size of the glass rim), mix the NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN with just enough melted virgin coconut oil to turn it into the consistency of melted chocolate. Not all oil may be required.

Dip the rim of the glass into the mixture, and then directly into a pile of the toasted and crushed almonds and coconut flakes. You can also drizzle some chocolate in the inside of the glass too. Pop the glass into the freezer right side up until it hardens. This takes about ten minutes. 

In a blender, combine all the ingredients for the smoothie except the ice and blend until creamy. Add the ice, and blend until chilled. Pour into the chilled glass, top with more coconut flakes, sliced almonds, and cacao nibs and serve.

Notes: If you want to turn this recipe into a smoothie bowl recipe add in ½ cup oats to the smoothie mix before blending to thicken plus 1 teaspoon vanilla, and then freeze the smoothie for 15-20 minutes or so to set up before topping.