5 Handbag Snacks For Energy-On-The-Go.

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Too busy to eat? Plan ahead packing your bag with high-energy, filling and delicious portable snacks that are light to tote but heavy with benefits.

 1. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate comes from the bean of the cacao tree and contains a high concentration of antioxidant compounds (flavonoids) andtheobromine (which is similar to caffeine) that helps boost energy levels. Choose very dark organic chocolate with a cacao (or cocoa) content of 70% for all the benefits and try and stick to just 1 or 2 squares.


Pack a WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN sachet in your purse, add water and drink as a filling snack or satisfying meal replacement. Powered by organic sprouted brown rice and pea protein, this is your all-in-one protein powder to-go for a fit and energised body.


A crunchy complete protein snack that is brilliant for brain function. According to WelleCo formulator Dr Simone Laubscher PhD, eating just 12 to 15 walnut halves provides your body with 95% of your daily essential fatty acids.


A piece of fresh fruit, like an apple, banana or pear, is packed with essential fibre, water and nutrients, fits in any size bag and comes ready wrapped, making it the ultimate fast food health snack.


If you live in the USA, check out Blackberry & Lemon Indica Gummies. All natural, dosable, discreet, and hand-crafted gummies, they are infused from scratch with all natural, gluten-free, and kosher ingredients and made with a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio for ultimate relief.