4 Simple Steps To Beautiful Hair

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Pare back your routine and wake up with beautiful hair every day.

Gorgeous healthy hair is at the top of our beauty wish list. Here are four common problems and how to combat them. Simply.


Products like dry shampoo and natural oils can leave hair strands coated, resulting in lank locks and slowed hair growth.

Solution: Get in the habit of double-shampooing. Using just a small blob of product is all you need.  One wash removes excess dirt and grime and a second wash makes it squeaky-clean.


Ineffective conditioners, chlorine, saltwater, sun exposure and volumising shampoos can exacerbate dryness.
Solution: Be careful not to over wash your hair. Too much care can actually strip it of its natural oils leaving hair feeling and looking dry and brittle. Aim to wash just a few times a week. Before conditioning, wring out your hair. Removing excess water means you won’t dilute the product. Treat your locks to a hair mask once a week. WelleCo Co-Founder Elle Macpherson swears by our WelleCo Organic Rose Geranium CrèmeFormulated with pomegranate extract, avocado, olive and carrot oils, it is effective for hydrating and nourishing face, body and hair.  “When I go swimming, I slather it on like a hair mask, then put on a swim cap,” says Elle, “and in the summer, I often walk around with wet-looking hair that has a treatment in it.”


Some shedding is normal (most of us lose 100 to 150 hairs a day), but if you are losing more it’s time to take action. Anxiety, thyroid issues and anaemia can all impact hair quality and density.
Solution: Make an appointment to see your dermatologist who will be able to advise you on the cause and the best way forward.


An unbalanced diet, lack of fruit and vegetables, and too much processed food can cause damage, hair loss and limp dull hair.
Solution: Boost your diet with 2 teaspoons of SUPER ELIXIR Greens every morning. Formulated with horsetail extract that contains the mineral silica, it works to strengthen hair as well as skin and nails. Not only strengthening, it also improves its sheen and texture. Horsetail also contains selenium, which is a mineral that is essential for hair growth as it helps the body process iodine, which regulates hair growth as well.