At Welleco, we are always interested in hearing from creative, passionate and like-minded individuals. We excel at encouraging a place of work where trust and transparency are crucial, encouraging every member of a team to develop his or her skills and abilities, and love coming to work everyday.

A rapidly expanding business like WelleCo demands smart, talented and keen staff. As such, we are always interested in hearing from creative individuals.

WelleCo is headquartered in Cottesloe Western Australia with an office and flagship store in Soho in New York City. We provide our employees with a unique opportunity to be part of a fast-growing ecommerce business whilst also benefitting from being part of a company that is a global ingestible beauty trailblazer.

For more information or to send your CV please contact us at:

Our Vacancies

Christine Giuliano

WelleCo Australia

2A Railway St, Cottesloe, WA 6011

David Wilkinson

WelleCo USA

430 Broome St, New York, NY 10013