Unlock glowing skin with this 13 calorie hot chocolate

  • Delicious naturally sweetened, easily dissolvable hot chocolate
  • Boosts skin collagen formation
  • Antioxidants to protect cells from free radical damage
4.7/5 stars
"My husband was impressed with my sleep pattern, now I don’t wake up most nights at all, I’m able to sleep through until the morning! It's also great if you love chocolate before bed, which I do, it really helps with cravings."
Barbara K, verified customer

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"I’ve found I sleep more deeply and then wake up to unrivalled hydrated, renewed, glowy skin. As someone with a sweet tooth, I find The Evening Elixir is a delicious, sugarless, chocolatey treat that delivers beauty while you sleep."

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The Evening Elixir

4.7/5 stars

A delicious naturally sweetened, easily dissolvable hot chocolate that boosts your skin’s collagen and deeply restores the skin from within.

Benefits Include:
    • Helps maintain skin structure and function for healthy, glowing skin
    • Antioxidants to protect cells from free radical damage
    • 13 calories per serve
    • Boosts skin collagen formation
    • Awaken renewed with a bright, youthful, glowing complexion

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Proudly formulated, blended and packed in Australia. We source only the finest imported ingredients from our trusted suppliers

See How Our Customers Have Seen Results

"Finally a product that is lactose free and vegan! I'm lactose intolerant and it's super difficult to find any beauty or skin products that cater to people with differing diet necessities. My skin is glowing and I'm finding that I'm not breaking out as much either."
Verified Buyer

"I liked how it had no nasty after taste. It had a chocolate taste but wasn't too sweet. The blend was great, my energy has improved, I have less body aches and my sleep has improved. It tastes great and the benefits are unbelievable."
Verified Buyer

"I'm on a super restrictive diet and there are no nice things I can eat or drink. The fact I was able to take all these ingredients was a miracle and I looked forward to my evening glass each night. My skin tends to be super dry but it felt and looked great while I was using The Evening Elixir."
Verified Buyer
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