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In their new book Places We Swim, Bondi couple Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon document Australia's best spots for taking a dip.

WelleCo (W): What inspired you to start this project?

Caroline Clements (CC): We’d been indirectly working on Places We Swim for years before we started the book, documenting our weekends away and summer holidays on the east coast. Our friends would often ask us for recommendations, so we decided to put together our own guide book. It was only when our publisher took a chance on us that we realised we had a big job ahead of us, to cover all of Australia. We started with a list of over 300 places to swim, which was made up of our own research and recommendations from friends who had driven around the country. Our task was to visit all of these places and whittle down the list of over 300 down to 65 swimming spots to make it to the book – tough gig! 

W: Spending almost a year travelling and reviewing beaches sounds like an absolute dream – what was it like? Did you ever miss ‘normal’ life?

CC: We spend about nine months on the road and a year creating the book, living in a van as we travelled the country, researching and shooting as we went. We did the trip in a few sections (South Australia and Northern Territory, then Western Australia, then the East Coast and Tasmania over summer), so we’d return to the city to regroup in between travelling. Life on the road was a pleasure, very much the simple life. It truly was a dream job!

But even a year didn’t feel like enough time to see it all. Do you know how big Australia really is? We didn’t until we got in the car. We did miss a few things about normal life – a home, a hot shower, an oven. There is no question, the incredible freedom and simplicity of doing a trip like this outweighs any of the challenges. There are days where you wake up on a beach and spend the whole day basking in the glory of your own time, but there are certainly some uncomfortable truths about travelling like this. It’s nice to be away from your ‘normal’ life to recognise and appreciate it.

Image Credit: @placesweswim

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W: How do you find the best swimming spots?

Talking to people. The best intel we received was always from locals and friends who had been to these places before us. We met so many people on the road who tipped us off about swimming spots that we might never have otherwise discovered. Then we did our own research and had a few key elements that we were looking for at each place, which made our selection unique to Places We Swim.

W: What do you think makes Aussie beaches so special?

Australian beaches are special for many reasons, but it depends what you are looking for. Some might say that Bondi Beach is incredible, but others might not like the crowds. Some will prefer to be alone on a beach, and that might make the secluded beaches extra special.

We are so lucky to live in a country with so many beautiful beaches to choose from, and often it’s the unique landscape surrounding them, the journey to get there or the person you are with that day that makes a swim so special. In Australia, we have some of the best beaches in the world and what we’ve found really special about our beaches is the communities that build around them. In New South Wales, for example, there are ocean pools and surf lifesaving clubs that are truly entrenched in the community of the beach.

Image Credit: @placesweswim

W: If you had to narrow it down to a favourite swimming spot in each state

CC: In Victoria, Bushrangers Bay.
In New South Wales, North Curl Curl Beach.
In Queensland, Josephine Falls.
In Northern Territory, Leliyn Falls in Nitmiluk National Park.
in Western Australia, Greens Pool.
In South Australia, Dalhousie Springs.
In Tasmania, Bay of Fires. 

Places We Swim is written by Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon, published by Hardie Grant Travel, RRP $39.99.