Simple Swimwear To Know

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Simple Swimwear To Know

Here are the swimwear brands to wear when you are after simple and beautiful summer style.


Image & Swim by Lido

Lidois named after an island in Venice that was one of Europe’s first sea bathing facilities. The brand is born out of a desire to re-contextualise the beach experience through a modern eye, with intelligent urban women in mind. Timeless, inspired by an aesthetic rationalism, Lido is reinventing functional, contemporary beachwear.


Image & Swim by Matteau

Matteau represents classic style and stands for simplicity above all else; with designs that are purposefully timeless to transcend trends. All-Australian and tastefully created to enhance and support the modern woman, Matteau reduces swimsuit to its bare essentials and creates a calm, assured vision.


Swim by bassike

bassikecentres around high-end design and construction with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing. An Aussie beach staple, bassike creates a neat edit of clean-lined and simply detailed swimwear, using premium quality Italian chlorine-resistant lyrca. 


Image & Swim by Three Graces London

Three Graces London designs for the perfect getaway, with each piece holding the promise of serene daytime drifting, the euphoria of that first vacation swim, the romance of a beach at dusk, or the seductive pull of the bedroom.


Image & Swim by NOW_THEN

NOW_THEN is an eco-luxury brand drawn to the idea of experiences to come, inspired by the emotions that arise when you first dive somewhere new, discover a secret spot or wander away to a distant place.