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Fake Food Is Real News
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The 5 fake foods you think are good for you but are actually ruining your health. (Spoiler alert: you have at least half of these in your kitchen right now).

Palm oil, non-organic protein and traces of animal antibiotics - do you really know what is lurking in your food? We unpack the fake food beckoning you from the food aisle.


1. Frozen yoghurt. 

Most commercial brands are laden with high levels of sugar and are non-organic milk-based which can be packed with hormones.

Clean choice: Make your own, by adding 1 scoop of NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN to a cup of plant-based milk. Blitz, freeze and serve.

2. Gluten-free bakery lines.

Many gluten-free supermarket brands are laden with nasties like hidden sugar, palm oil, potato starch, corn syrup, colouring and hydrogenated fats.

Clean choice:Make simple swaps, like pasta for brown rice or cous cous for quinoa, and choose products like spelt, with a very low gluten content.

3. Fruit smoothies, commercial green and fruit juices.

Often super-high in sugar with no added vegetables, they can cause huge sugar spikes, leaving you feeling tired and more likely to gain weight.

Clean choice:Make your own so you know exactly what is going into it. Use a liquid base of filtered water and add alkalising leafy greens. Go easy on fruit content, opting for low sugar choices like berries and add creaminess using healthy fats like avocado.

4. Low-calorie frozen meals.

Convenient and easy to pull from the freezer, low-cal frozen dinners are often packed with high GI carbs, non-organic protein with hormones, and a deficiency in good fats.

Clean choice: Real, organic whole food can be made quickly and easily from scratch. Throw together a quick mixed salad and serve alongside a piece of fish or organic protein baked with fresh herbs, spices, lemon, and garlic.

5. Protein bars.

Off-the-shelf protein snacks can taste great but are often filled with aspartame, fake sugars and synthetic ingredients.

Clean choice:Make your own using natural sweeteners and flavour enhancers like dates, nut butter, and clean plant-based protein. We love these protein bars packed with NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN, oats, hemp hearts and cacao. Topped with berry-infused agar agar, a dairy-free substitute for gelatin, this is the ultimate food bar. 

Our protein is powered by sprouted brown rice and pea protein, and has far superior utilisation and uptake into the cells and muscles than whey protein. It is a complete protein source for a clean, healthy and energised family.

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