Elle Macpherson on raising happy healthy kids

Elle Macpherson on raising happy healthy kids
Elle Macpherson and her son Cy

A wholefood organic kids protein smoothie packed with nutrients for growing bodies.

“When we moved to America two years ago Cy, my 13 year old, started eating lunch from the school canteen, instead of a home packed lunch which is normal in the U.K.  I found him choosing empty carbs at school and coming home starving, he was turning into what I thought was a picky eater. With that gap between after school and dinner he was craving sugary snacks. I realised he wasn’t getting clean protein during the day, and I imagine it’s the same for other mothers, no matter how much we try, sugar is everywhere, we all have picky eaters at some point, so I asked Dr Laubscher if we could create a kids protein snack, similar to our SUPER KIDS Nourishing Protein but without the weight loss benefits."

It’s all about the kids

Fresh wholefoods, fruit and veg, clean protein…. These are what we believe make up a healthy diet for kids (and adults too).

But we all know kids can be picky eaters, especially as they enter their teen years with newfound independence, and the desire to make food choices for themselves.

As mother’s of teen children, both our co-founders Elle Macpherson and Andrea Bux wanted to give their children an option that was better for them then high sugar, artificial drinks and flavoured milks. We hoped this kids protein would be something they would enjoy choosing as a snack and give them a much-needed boost of nutrition.

I've found SUPER KIDS (easily made mixed with plant based milk as a delicious kids smoothie) is a good choice for Cy who is a 13-year-old sporty teenager with a fast metabolism, often running on low blood sugar. I needed a nutritional and supportive solution for him.

It’s a formula from plants their bodies will recognise, which is part of what sets it apart from other kid’s smoothies and snacks. We’ve included pea and rice proteins, raw Peruvian cacao, pomegranate, broccoli, apple, pumpkin and beetroot. There’s Zinc for immunity, Probiotics for healthy gut function, Magnesium, Fibre, Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, B Vitamins and Vitamin C.

Every single ingredient is sourced from natural ingredients, for example, Asorbic acid we get from lemons, Zinc gluconate - we source from chickpeas, Niacinamide also known as B3 we source from green peas, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride also known as B6 is sourced from spinach, Folic acid aka B9 we source from broccoli.

The best part is it passes the picky eater test – its delicious chocolate flavour is the culmination of 18 months of taste testing by an international committee including the kids of co-founders Elle Macpherson and Andrea Bux.

Cy’s healthy kids chocolate
'nice cream' snack

Cy's healthy kids chocolate 'nice cream'

You'll need

Blitz and enjoy in a bowl!

Bettina's Kitchen chocolate shake


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Blitz and enjoy your treat!

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