pH & Alkaline Living, Dr Laubscher Explains

pH & Alkaline Living, Dr Laubscher Explains

Dr Laubscher explains how our healthy bodies were designed to function in an alkaline state.

Many big and small health issues are associated with an acidic body; low energy, weight gain, craving carbs and sugar all may mean you’re acidic.

Too much processed food, sugar, caffeine, meat and alcohol can leave you with an acidic gut – the cause of inflammation, weight gain, susceptibility to illness, fatigue, headaches, insomnia and bloating. Developed by Dr Laubscher with 45 key ingredients combined in scientifically calculated ratios, THE SUPER ELIXIR is designed to maintain good nutrition and help restore your body’s healthy pH balance.

pH & Alkaline Living, Dr Laubscher Explains


pH is a term used to describe how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The pH scale is from 1-14 with any reading of 6 or less reflecting acidic and 7 or higher being alkaline. What you eat and drink directly affects your pH levels with some foods raising or lowering the pH. This is based on the mineral content of the food, not the actual pH of that food. For example, lemons have a naturally low pH of around 2, but due to their mineral content they have a wonderful alkalising effect on the body. Let me reveal how this affects your daily life - the bottom line is that disease flourishes in an acidic environment. As always it is all about balance, and the human body was designed to operate at its optimum when body fluids are alkaline at 7-7.5.

The body moves between acidic to alkaline all day so to live 100% alkaline is unrealistic. But if you choose to do more kind, alkaline things to your body you will have better health.


The most alkalising ingredients on the planet are super greens (as they contain chlorophyll). The supergreens family is mostly made up of cereal grasses such as wheat grass, barley grass and blue/green algae.

96% of patients had more energy

94% reported having a better mood and feeling more confident

92% had improved sleep pattern


In our clinical trials we found that 96% of patients had more energy, 94% reported having a better mood and feeling more confidant and 92% had improved sleep patterns after taking THE SUPER ELIXIR. Implementing more alkaline habits will not only improve your physical health, but your overall emotional health and wellbeing.